What’s new in Teamcenter Product Cost Management

We work hard to make it easy and affordable for our customers to develop profitable and climate-smarter products. This means that we are continuously developing our solution for calculating product cost and carbon footprint to support customers making informed, economically beneficial, and climate-smart decisions for their products.

Understand the impact of carbon taxes on your product net sales price

The carbon taxes are a tool in the fight against climate change. The carbon taxation is pushing companies to make the carbon footprint of their products transparent. Carbon tax sets a price on each ton of emitted Greenhouse Gas (GHG), which sends a price signal that gradually causes a market response across an entire economy, creating incentives for emitters to shift to less GHG-intensive ways of production, ultimately resulting in reduced emissions. The upshot is, companies must show environmental taxes not only for combustion processes like oil and gas, but also for their products, depending on the country. Because of this, the carbon taxes are a relevant factor which must be considered for the cost calculation of a product. Thus, the Product Carbon Footprint calculator can be used to factor in carbon taxation. This helps companies to understand the effect of the product carbon footprint on the net sales price of each product. The solution provides the possibility to calculate different scenarios on the net sales price representing in case the carbon footprint or the carbon tax changes.

Extending the product carbon footprint calculation with the carbon footprint of tools and devices

You can now include the tools and devices you need to manufacture a product in the product carbon footprint calculation. This capability increases the accuracy of your product carbon footprint calculation. Relevant especially for tools and devices used to produce parts with low annual requirements, prototype tools or tools with a high carbon footprint impacting the product carbon footprint significantly.

Considering carbon taxes and carbon footprint of tools and devices

Maximize the value of your cost and carbon footprint calculations with new reference data

We continuously deliver new reference data for product cost calculations which contains global production site data, global material prices and overhead rates, machine data and process library data.

For the product carbon footprint calculation, we provide new material and energy data. The material data includes ferrous metals and alloys, nonferrous alloys and plastics and polymers. The energy data includes energy mixes for 52 countries and 4 regions. Further we deliver data for the cost factors oil and gas.

More precise quotes by supporting increase rates for materials in multi-year lifetime calculation

With the new version 9.5, we are supporting increase rates for material prices in the project assumption of the multi-year lifetime calculation. You can define increase and decrease rates specific to your business to understand multi-year cost trends for materials and buy- parts based on specific material classifications like electronic components, plastics, or steel materials.

Tool Costing – NX Feature2Cost mold direction detection

Use the new mold direction in NX Feature2Cost to automatically identify the recommended mold direction by the product body. It is also possible to reverse the orientation or use an alternate direction by just one click.

Beside this, capabilities have been added to change the orientation of the view as well as performing different analysis. Slope analysis can be performed to check for the draft angles. Using region analysis will show the core and cavity side of the mold; the functionality of undercut areas displays the undercuts of the body depending on the demolding direction.

Using the mold direction to automatically recommend the mold direction by the product body

We care about the details – New login and splash screen

With the launch of version 9.5, we took the opportunity to improve the experience of signing in into your account by redesign the login and splash screen.

Easily work with multiple Teamcenter apps with a consistent, easy-to-use interface

Further new and extended capabilities in Teamcenter Product Cost Management

Teamcenter Product Cost Management 9.5 includes further new and extended capabilities to support improved usability and increased performance, such improved the full text search, result tab calculation in the new UI, improved storing document information in database, improved session handling for Xcelerator Share, and much more.

Interested in more Teamcenter Product Cost Management details?

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