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We are working to make it easy and affordable for customers to develop profitable and climate-smarter products. With Teamcenter Product…

Achieve the dual mission of product cost and carbon emission savings

Teamcenter Product Cost Management โ€“ supports you in achieving the dual mission of product cost and carbon emission savings

Use cloud to calculate costs & carbon footprint

Siemens SaaS platform enables organization-wide collaboration and is a consistent source for all things cost and carbon footprint.

๐Ÿƒ Link cost and sustainability in product design

Are you ready to maximize sustainability and develop actionable cost reduction targets?

production costs

๐Ÿ“‰ Ready to reduce your production costs?

Are you ready to reduce your production costs? Spend 4 minutes on reading this blog post and don’t forget to watch the video to learn more.

carbon footprint

๐Ÿ’ป Electronics industry | Minimize your carbon footprint and cut costs

Teamcenter Product Cost Management – your single access point for lowering product cost and reducing carbon footprint.

Teamcenter Product Cost Management

What are Santa’s secrets in saving costs and carbon emissions?

This post shows how Teamcenter Product Cost Management can be used to balance cost and carbon footprint in the supply…

Profitable pricing made easy

We’ve developed a powerful toolโ€”the pricing calculator for quotations, a module within Teamcenter Product Cost Management. This innovative solution is designed to streamline pricing calculations and maintaining synchronization with cost estimations.

Teamcenter Transport Cost and Carbon Calculator

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Reduce product cost and carbon footprint with smart transport selection based on pre-calculated cost and carbon impact