Next-generation collaboration with Teamcenter Share and Solid Edge 2022

By Brian Massey

Instantly, securely and easily collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers with Siemens’ next-generation, cloud-based collaboration solution, Teamcenter Share. Complex problems require effective collaboration. Cloud-based software can remove any hurdles standing in the way of finding a solution.

The rich set of capabilities in Teamcenter Share addresses your cloud collaboration needs, from providing your team with secure, central storage with optional data management tools, to enabling ad-hoc collaboration with external stakeholders thanks to easy email address-based sharing.

Collaborate from home, the office, or in-transit with browser-based access on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, Mac, PC and more. No additional IT infrastructure required.

Teamcenter Share and Solid Edge

Teamcenter Share and Solid Edge offer a wide range of collaboration features, such as 3D and 2D CAD view and markup, Augmented Reality, virtual prototyping, secure project-based sharing, and more.

Take Share’s powerful, browser-based functionalities to the next level with Solid Edge. Share and Solid Edge work seamlessly together to enable efficient team collaboration wherever you’re located, directly from within the Solid Edge CAD environment.

Share’s integration with Solid Edge on your desktop allows you to access your shared project data, without leaving Solid Edge. Share also enables faster previews of Solid Edge parts and assemblies without the need to fully load the data. Users can even interrogate the previews and perform tasks such as taking measurements without the need of opening the design data with Solid Edge.

The collaboration window in Solid Edge makes it easy to review and respond to feedback, seamlessly. In addition, Share also works with Solid Edge data management tools, including check-in / check-out functionalities.

The power of the cloud is even further on display when Solid Edge and Share’s Augmented Reality (AR) functionality are used together for real-time virtual prototyping. As design data is manipulated in Solid Edge, you can preview your product in the real-world on your mobile device.

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Collaborate better than ever before with Teamcenter Share and Solid Edge.

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