Complex shape design of a glue gun in Solid Edge

Best practices for complex shape design

Complex shape design can be challenging for designers. Take advantage of universal principles and best practices for the latest CAD tools.

cloud collaboration for CAD

How to improve engineering project performance with CAD cloud collaboration

Discover how top-performing companies use cloud online capabilities to improve computer-aided design (CAD) project collaboration and accelerate product innovation.

Female designer working on a CAD design

DEVELOP3D x Siemens: The Importance of CAD Drawings

As the adoption of 3D modeling becomes more prevalent, it’s easy to downplay the role of technical drawings. But drawings are still very important.

Technical drawings are the primary way t…

CNC machining

Advanced manufacturing techniques to accelerate CNC machining

Accelerate CNC machining by learning how new advanced techniques can help you achieve your machining goals.

An advanced assembly model in Solid Edge

Overcoming the three major complex assembly modeling challenges

How do you deliver increasingly complex product designs in less time, while also maintaining a competitive edge and gaining market…

The Hidden Cost of Switching CAD Kernels - Banner

The hidden cost of swapping CAD kernels

A CAD system’s geometry kernel is the heart, brains, and engine of the application. Kernels act as the bridge between…

Solid Edge Technical Publications

Creating high-quality product documentation with Solid Edge Technical Publications

Communicating manufacturing, installation and maintenance procedures of your designs is a critical part of product development. Explore how Solid Edge can help you overcome documentation challenges directly within your CAD models.

The Value of 2D Nesting

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest eBook, The Value of 2D Nesting. In this new eBook, you’ll…

With so much to consider, how do you choose the right software solution to support your product lifecycle? In this comprehensive buyer’s guide from industry analyst Tech-Clarity, you will find a resource to help you pick a solution that is right for you.

Choosing the Right Product Design Software

How do you choose the right solution to support your product lifecycle? In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find a resource to help you select a product design solution that’s right for you.