How to improve engineering project performance with CAD cloud collaboration

By Anthony Johnson

How can better collaboration, leveraging online cloud, improve computer-aided design (CAD) and product development performance? A survey-based report from industry analyst Tech-Clarity investigates how leading companies leverage the latest cloud online capabilities to improve CAD project performance and accelerate product development. Read the report →

Accelerating new product development

Some companies are much better at hitting their new product development targets than others—but how do they do it? Industry analyst Tech-Clarity investigated what top-performing companies do differently to drive better performance, with data from more than 200 companies around the globe. They examined how these top performers collaborate and found that the majority use online cloud file sharing solutions for product development.

The consensus from the report: companies stand to learn a lot from how leading manufacturing companies leverage cloud software solutions to improve CAD and new product development (NPD) collaboration.

Read the full Tech-Clarity report for actionable strategies you can put into practice to improve your collaboration practices and product development processes.

Tech-Clarity is an independent research firm that believes the value of technology is often overshadowed by the technology itself. Companies invest in software technology for one reason: to achieve better business results. Tech-Clarity’s mission is to make the business value of technology clear and help manufacturers educate themselves on how they can improve their performance through the intelligent use of enterprise and social software.

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