What is Simcenter Testlab? And what can I use it for?

By Keily SuarezRioja

The short answer to the question “What is Simcenter Testlab” is, well, a software suite for testing engineering; the long answer is that it is much more than that.

On our testing solutions website, we explain that Simcenter Testlab is a complete, integrated solution for test-based engineering, combining high-speed multi-physics data acquisition with a full suite of integrated testing, analytics, and modeling tools for a wide range of test needs.

It is designed for testing departments that need to be more efficient, as well as future-oriented. It offers the right balance between ease-of-use and engineering flexibility, and closing the loop with simulation.

You can read about the latest features here.

But what does it all really mean? How does it close the loop with simulation? What can you expect from the software suite? And how can you use it?

If you are searching for all the answers, you should watch the free on-demand webinar “Boost testing efficiency and product innovation with Simcenter Testlab.” In this webinar, our test engineering experts explain how to boost testing efficiency and product innovation with Simcenter Testlab, tackling modern-day engineering challenges with real-life examples.

They address topics such as:

  • How to speed up data collection and simplify the measurement process
  • How to convert measurements into insights with interactive and multi-domain analytics
  • How to connect test to simulation, closing the gap to introduce the concept of the digital twin

The webinar is on-demand, so you can access it at any time, online and for free!

Watch the webinar now.

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