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Digital Polarion Advent Calendar 2022

Christmas is coming again and we would like to say THANK YOU! …to all our customers, partners and users for…

End-of-life Classic Test Execution

End-of-life for Classic Test Execution view in Polarion

Polarion sunsetted the Classic Test Execution view functionality already in Polarion 22 R1. However, we kept it “as-is” to allow testers to…

Polarion release numbering

Important news: Polarion release numbering is changing

We hope you have been enjoying Polarion 22 R2 which was just released. If you haven’t had a chance to…

Polarion 22 R2 Teaser

Polarion ALM 22 R2 – What’s New and Noteworthy

Polarion ALM 22 R2 brings new REST API, navigation header, in-line editing of Work Items in table, and more productivity improvements. Learn more in our blog!

LIVE Product Webinar: Polarion + Confluence

Solution Spotlight: integrating Siemens Polarion ALM artifacts with Confluence Confluence and Siemens Polarion ALM play unique roles in the digital…

Polarion Connector for Simulink® update

Hi everyone. We’ve just released version 3.1.0 of the Polarion connector for Mathworks Simulink®. This new update has several new…

Online Polarion Trainings FALL ’22 Edition

Online Polarion Trainings FALL Edition Do you feel like you need to learn more about specific areas in Polarion?Now, you…

Leader in ALM

GigaOm names Siemens Polarion a Leader in Regulated Software Lifecycle Management

GigaOm report reinforces Siemens leadership position in regulated software lifecycle management solution market. I would like to first begin with…

Polarion 22 R1 Release

Polarion ALM 22 R1 – What’s New and Noteworthy

Polarion ALM 22 R1 deliver greatly improved source code traceability, as well as several productivity improvements. Learn more in our blog!