Combined Benefits of Polarion (ALM) and Teamcenter (PLM) for Mechatronics Development

By Lionel Voillat

Using Polarion and Teamcenter together provides significant advantages for managing the development of mechatronics products, particularly by enhancing the software development process. Here’s how they work together to have a benefit for the overall development process:

Improved Collaboration and Communication

Polarion and Teamcenter together enhance collaboration between mechanical, electronic, and software engineering teams. All team members can easily access and share the latest information, ensuring everyone is on the same level. This improved communication helps engineering disciplines to work together and more effectively, which is crucial for the successful development of complex mechatronics products.

Comprehensive Traceability

Both Polarion and Teamcenter provides detailed traceability and together they provide a complete picture from software requirements through to physical product changes. Polarion tracks every software requirement, task, change and test result, while Teamcenter maintains a history of all product data changes. This combined traceability helps for audits, regulatory compliance and understanding the full impact of changes. Teams can track every modification and understand its rationale, ensuring a transparent development process.

Efficient Change Management

Polarion and Teamcenter streamline the change management process across the entire product lifecycle. Polarion controls and manages changes to software & requirements, allowing teams to perform impact analysis and take decisions. Teamcenter handles changes to product designs and documentation, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and approvals are managed efficiently. This combined approach minimizes the risks associated with changes and ensures they are implemented smoothly and correctly.

Faster Development Cycle

The efficient change management and comprehensive traceability provided by Polarion and Teamcenter help accelerate the development process. Teams can quickly adapt to changes, reducing the time spent on manual updates and rework. This agility is essential to bring high-quality products to market faster, which is a significant advantage in a competitive environment.


In summary, combined use of Polarion and Teamcenter offers a powerful solution for managing the development of mechatronics products. Taking best of both World, ALM & PLM with their own lifecycle and strength. Their integration ensures seamless information flow, improved collaboration, comprehensive traceability, efficient change management, faster development cycles and higher quality products.

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