Polarion 4U 2024

By Felicitas Kreutzer

Welcome to the Polarion4U Blog!

Polarion4U is an interactive broadcast for all people who want to get or share information related to topics of Polarion on a regular basis. The sessions take place every two weeks from 8:30 to 9:30 am CEST.

Here, all dates for this year’s Polarion4U sessions will be updated and uploaded. To participate in the sessions, please register for the respective Polarion4U meeting using the “Register to the Event” button, and then join the meeting at the scheduled time using the provided link.

We will upload the recordings of the sessions on our community blog. The link for that is provided below this post.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Polarion4U sessions!


Tuesday 02/04 – Polarion 4U w/ Altug Metin
Friday 12/04 – Polarion 4U w/ Florian Götz “Generative AI Applications in Polarion”
Friday 26/04 – Polarion4U w/ Tim Ströbele “SOS Template Version 1.9 – what’s new?”


Friday 10/05 – Polarion4U w/ Konstantin Klioutchinski “Latest Widgets and Plugins – live demo and use cases”
Friday 24/05 – Polarion4U w/ Roland Nguyen “Development of integration tests for Polarion plugins”


Friday 07/06 – Polarion4U w/ Mohammed Himath Mehdi “Polarion plug-in and widgets deployment”
Friday 21/06 – Polarion4U w/ Alexander Heyers “What’s new for Polarion for Automotive version 1.1 and roadmap towards 2410” &
w/ Frank Schaufelberger “Turbocharging the Script Block Widget for LiveReport Pages”


Friday 05/07 – Polarion4U w/ Dennis Pfeiffer “Polarion Connector and Reqif”
Friday 19/07 – Polarion4U w/ Denis Liwoch “A-Spice – what’s new?”


Friday 02/08 – Polarion4U w/ Kevin Schmiechen “Adaptation of the Tool Qualification Kit to the aviation standard DO-330”
Friday 16/08 – Polarion4U w/ Marco Peters “TBD”
Friday 30/08 – Polarion4U w/ Timm Marquardt “TBD”


Friday 13/09 – Polarion4U w/ Peter Habrich “Make Use of Polarion App-Shop “Extension Portal”
Friday 27/09 – Polarion4U w/ Dagmar Glashoff-Dedek “TBD”


Friday 11/10 – Polarion4U w/ Jochen Flad “TBD”
Friday 25/10 – Polarion4U w/ Achim Ruder “Sustainability with Polarion”


Friday 08/11 – Polarion4U w/ Heinz Dresbach “TBD”
Friday 22/11 – Polarion4U w/ Rainer Kreutzer “TBD”


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