Finally – digital Standards are available ! And you are able to use them with Polarion !

By heinzdresbach

When I started using Polarion as a Quality Manager back in 2014, I directly fell in love with the possibility to granularly link single requirements to single risks, single tasks, single testcases etc etc. The only thing I missed then was to also link a product requirement with a requirement in a standard, like ISO 13845, DIN EN 13637 etc – which only were available as PDFs or printed versions then. So I did a lot of different experiments to somehow granularly address one requirement inside this standard from Polarion, and ended up in some ugly Copy’n-Paste-action. ☹

I dreamed :“How cool would it be if I could import these standards in a smarter format, maybe even pre-attributed by  the authors, so that I can have those single requirements as single, linkable, categorized workitems in Polarion ? Sigh…”

Now the time has come. And we will demonstrate it to you in a webinar on 2024-06-04 . You can register here :
P.S: We will have more follow-up webinars about this topic in future. This first one will be in german language.

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