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What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?

Application Lifecycle Management is the process of managing the life of a software product from its conception to its retirement….

Leader in ALM

GigaOm names Siemens Polarion a Leader in Regulated Software Lifecycle Management

GigaOm report reinforces Siemens leadership position in regulated software lifecycle management solution market. I would like to first begin with…

Polarion Performance & Scalability: Polarion scales to the Enterprise!

Testing is essential during software development is essential to ensure the usability in the daily use of the customer. Therefore,…

Polarion is qualified as RM Tool for ReqIF Collaboration

To manage the increasing complexity and standards on availability in the automotive industry the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) has established…

Polarion 22 R1 Release

Polarion ALM 22 R1 – What’s New and Noteworthy

Polarion ALM 22 R1 deliver greatly improved source code traceability, as well as several productivity improvements. Learn more in our blog!

The new Polarion Connector for Simulink® is now available for download

Just in time for Polarion 22R1, The new Polarion Connector for Simulink® is now available for download. This new version allows…

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Don’t Miss The Polarion Experience At Realize LIVE

Don’t miss out Join us on the Polarion Experience, May 9th – 11th for the three-day Polarion track at Realize LIVE…

Save the Date for the next Polarion4You virtual live event

Accelerating innovation within our rapidly evolving world Join us from April 26 to April 28 for the three-day Polarion4You virtual live event….

Save the trees – A paperless, structured approach to Computer Software Assurance

Introduction Companies involved in the development of healthcare products that could affect human beings are required to validate these products…