Functional Safety based on ISO 26262

By AltuğMetin

The Polarion X Industry solution “Polarion X for Automotive” includes a template for functional safety based on ISO 26262 which is an international standard for the development of electrical and electronic systems in road vehicles. The standard provides guidelines and requirements for the development process of safety-critical automotive systems throughout their entire lifecycle.

The pre-configured Polarion template is designed to elevate your organization to become compliant with the goals of ISO 26262. It enables you to analyze hardware and software components to identify potential hazards and risks as well as to mitigate them with safety requirements that directly impact system design. 

The guided process within the template leads you through each step of the functional safety analysis.

ISO 26262 processes

Available document templates ensure that the same structure is applied across your organization. You can initiate the creation of your documents based on the provided templates.

document templates

Dedicated user interfaces will dynamically display connected elements and allow you to directly enter your analysis results. The HARA (Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment) page e.g. supports the calculation of ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) values based on your severity, exposure and controllability evaluations.

Safety experts have access to live reports indicating current validation results. Technical safety requirements cover necessary design and implementation measures to achieve safety goals. Linked test cases ensure that the functions of the system are fulfilled as designed.

test results

Finally, one of the nice things about the template is that the whole documentation is incorporated into it. The comprehensive user guide and domain specific how-to guides will help you to quickly familiarize yourself with the details.


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