AI in Semiconductor Design

By Lee Harrison

AI has become an industry buzzword that has been embraced but also feared by the semiconductor industry. In a sector where safety and security are critical, the perception of using AI in IC design tools where process and predictability of results are critical, it’s important that adding AI enhancements and capabilities does not send designers running for the hills.

In our fourth episode of the Siemens Security by Design podcast, we are joined by Ron Press, Sr. Director of Technology Enablement for the Tessent Product Group within Siemens Digital Industries Software.

In this episode, you will gain valuable insights into how AI is shaping the semiconductor industry’s future and its alignment with Siemens’ commitment to innovation. You will also get to hear more about the potential of AI to enhance sustainability by accelerating solutions and conserving resources through digital twin modeling and AI optimization.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • AI in semiconductor design and testing. (1:59)
  • AI in EDA, trade-offs and data security. (6:41)
  • AI-driven EDA tools for automotive chip design. (10:34)
  • AI in semiconductor industry sustainability and innovation. (14:00)

Ron Press

Ron is the Senior Director of Technology Enablement for Tessent Silicon Lifecycle Solutions at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Ron has spent the last 26 years working in EDA, delivering solutions for semiconductor DFT and testing. His role today is to make sure Siemens is developing the best-in-class technologies to help customers deliver the best products in the future.

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Lee Harrison

Lee is the Director of Automotive IC Solutions, Tessent, Siemens Digital Industries Software. He has over 20 years of industry experience with Siemens Tessent test, and safety and security products with a focus on the automotive industry. Lee is working to ensure that current and future test, safety, security and analytics requirements of Siemens’ automotive customers are understood and met.

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Security by Design Podcast

Security by Design

Join us on our Security by Design podcast where we discuss Safety and Security within the Integrated Circuit (IC) industry, with a particular focus on the automotive sector. Our team works closely with customers to reduce risk and ensure compliance with required safety standards, providing comprehensive in-system test and fault grading solutions to meet even the highest level (ASIL D) requirements. Our Security solutions also provide multi-layered protection, addressing authentication, communication, device lifecycle management, and more. At Tessent, we offer hardware-based security solutions with extremely low latency and fully configurable options for test, functional operation, and system level security. Tune in to learn more about how we optimize safety and security within the IC industry.

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