Sustainability and How a Digital Twin Impacts Energy Resource Usage – ep. 4

By Blake Snodgrass

Hi there, and thanks for tuning in again! In this fourth podcast of our continuing Sustainability series, we are joined again by Eryn Devola, Head of Sustainability at Siemens Digital Industries, and Rahul Garg, VP of Industrial Machinery and SMB Business Program at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Eryn and Rahul continue their discussion on the current trends in industrial machinery and what is driving the need for sustainability.

In this fourth episode, they cover aspects of OT/IT convergence that assist in controlling and predicting what’s going happening on the production floor, managing the energy use of equipment, or optimizing it based on looking at minimizing resources. They also discuss digitalization in the virtual world, being able to start from scratch again and again, making it easy to take advantage of the benefits of a digital twin, leveraging it to reduce times and cost, using a digital twin to all the various operations, optimizing them, making production more flexible and predictive.

Specific topics covered include:

  • A one percent reduction in the industrial carbon footprint means 70 million tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  • The carbon emission impact can be driven by making the machines more efficient regarding energy usage and energy resource impact on the planet.
  • Using digital twins to simulate hundreds of variations ensures correct design choices.
  • Optimizing the process helps you optimize your performance, and in turn, it helps maximize sustainability requirements.
  • Virtual commissioning and a digital twin can help understand the carbon impact by assisting with peak performance, sustainability, and machines’ carbon impact.
Eryn Devola

Eryn Devola

Head of Sustainability at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Rahul Garg

Rahul Garg

VP Industrial Machinery and SMB Business Program at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software helps organizations of all sizes digitally transform using software, hardware and services from the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. Siemens’ software and the comprehensive digital twin enable companies to optimize their design, engineering and manufacturing processes to turn today’s ideas into the sustainable products of the future. From chips to entire systems, from product to process, across all industries. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Accelerating transformation.

Digital Transformation Podcast Podcast

Digital Transformation Podcast

The Digital Transformation: Solutions for Industrial Machinery Podcast by Siemens Digital Industries explores the advantages of smart manufacturing, a digitalized product development strategy and the solutions it offers for the Industrial Machinery industry.

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