Sustainability is Driving All Industries – ep. 1

By Conor Peick

Hi there, I am Conor Peick, a writer on the thought leadership team at Siemens Digital Industries Software. In this podcast, we are continuing our series of discussions with myself and Dale Tutt, our VP of Industry Strategy. In each episode Dale and I will be joined by experts from around Siemens Digital Industries Software to discuss the trends, technologies, and opportunities affecting some of the largest and most important industries in the world.

Today, we have a slight programming change. For this two-part episode, I asked my colleague Nick Finberg to guest host in my stead. Nick is our resident sustainability expert on the thought leadership team, making him a perfect fit for our guest.

Speaking of which, Nick and Dale are joined by Eryn Devola, Head of Sustainability at Siemens Digital Industries. They will discuss how companies are pursuing sustainability today, some of the challenges that stand in the way, and how a digitalization strategy can help companies to achieve the sustainability demands of tomorrow.

Topics covered include:

  • Why companies are making sustainability central to their organizational strategy
  • The first steps companies are taking on their sustainability journeys
  • The concept of collective intelligence, and how it is generated
  • And more!

Thanks very much for listening!

Eryn Devola

Eryn Devola

Head of Sustainability at Siemens Digital Industries 

Dale Tutt

Dale Tutt

Vice President Industry Strategy at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Nick Finberg

Nick Finberg

Technical Writer at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Conor Peick

Conor Peick

Marketing Communications Writer

Siemens Digital Industries Software helps organizations of all sizes digitally transform using software, hardware and services from the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. Siemens’ software and the comprehensive digital twin enable companies to optimize their design, engineering and manufacturing processes to turn today’s ideas into the sustainable products of the future. From chips to entire systems, from product to process, across all industries. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Accelerating transformation.

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