Exploring Generative AI Part 2

By Spencer Acain

Generative AI is a powerful tool, offering a powerful new way to interact with information and technology, as explored in part one of this series. Moving beyond the role of a helper, generative AI also offers great potential to expand the design space, enabling new methods such as inverse design while expanding new capabilities atop existing systems.

In this episode, host Spencer Acain is joined by Dr. Justin Hodges, an AI/ML Technical Specialist and Product Manager for Simcenter to consider the applications of generative AI in expanding the design space and building new functionality in the world of design and simulation.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Generative AI for inverse design (4:21)
  • AI in requirement driven design (9:00)
  • The value of a connected tool chain (12:20)
Dr. Justin Hodges

Dr. Justin Hodges

AI/ML Technical Specialist and Product Manager for Siemens Simcenter.

Spencer Acain

Spencer Acain

Technical Writer for Global Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software

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