AI in the Digital Transformation Revolution: Industry perspective from Dale Tutt Part 2

By Spencer Acain

In this engaging two-part podcast, join the conversation between Justin Hodges and Dale Tutt, a seasoned aerospace and defense professional, as they delve into the intertwined realms of digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of computer-aided design.  

For part two, the discussion shifts into the manufacturing landscape (emissions, batteries, among others).  A nod is given to the tech giants that make such data pipelines possible (for example Meta), as a conversation is had on what the possibilities are for other industries (like ours) with such a wealth of data available for digital and machine learning models.  Welcome to the era of data-driven models

Justin Hodges

Justin Hodges

I hold the AI/ML technical specialist role in our product management team for our Simcenter products. I earned my bachelors, masters, and PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida in thermofluids, with machine learning in my dissertation after falling in love with it during a 2017 internship at Princeton which combined CFD/AI.

Dale Tutt

Dale Tutt

Dale Tutt is the Vice President of Industry Strategy, for Siemens Digital Industries Software, leading the development digital transformation solutions that address the industry specific needs of customers. Tutt joined Siemens in 2019 as the Vice President, of the Aerospace and Defense Industry.  Prior to joining Siemens, Tutt worked at The Spaceship Company, a sister company to Virgin Galactic, as the VP of Engineering and VP of Program Management, leading the development of spaceships for space tourism. He led the team on a successful flight to space in December 2018. Previously, Tutt worked at Textron Aviation/Cessna Aircraft in program and engineering leadership roles. As the Chief Engineer and Program Director of the Scorpion Jet program, he led a dynamic cross-functional team to design, build and fly the Scorpion Jet prototype from concept to first flight in 23 months. Tutt also worked as an engineer at Bombardier Learjet and General Dynamics Space System Division. 

AI Spectrum Podcast

AI Spectrum

This podcast features discussions around the importance of AI and ML in today’s industrial world.

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