Solid Edge synchronous technology cuts development time in half

By Yvonne Wiedemann

B&P Littleford LLC designs and custom builds a wide spectrum of mixing, drying, extruding, compounding, reacting and centrifugal separation equipment for large- and small-scale manufacturing applications and associated process solutions for chemical markets. They needed to deliver designs on time while avoiding costly, timely and excessive change orders and maintaining innovation efficiency.

Engineers realized it was time to reevaluate their current software solution, SOLIDWORKS® and consider other options. They called on Siemens Smart Expert Partner CAM Logic, Inc. who specializes in Siemens Digital Industries Software Solid Edge® software and suggested that they evaluate.

Migrating from SOLIDWORKS to Solid Edge

“We recognized their need to move more quickly through their design process. It was clear that synchronous technology was the answer to their problem. We used their existing design files to demonstrate how utilizing Solid Edge could expedite their design process.” Yvonne Wiedemann, President of CAM Logic, Inc., said of the migration to the new software.

“I would say that when you’ve been dealing with a particular software for years and years – in my case, SOLIDWORKS – you can develop an almost religious devotion to it, but if you really say to yourself, ‘be truthful, be objective,’ maybe you’ll be surprised with Solid Edge,” said Scott Samborn, senior mechanical design engineer at B&P Littleford. “Solid Edge with synchronous technology turned out to be wonderful. It caused a complete shift in my way of thinking.” 

Synchronous technology delivers cutting-edge functionality

With Solid Edge, B&P Littleford found components that normally would take a couple of hours to remodel from scratch can now be done in five, 10, or 15 minutes. At first, the engineers weren’t sure how synchronous could help them with their complicated geometry. However, they soon realized that for 80 percent of the components, synchronous can cut the development time in half or more.

“Synchronous technology is crucial to the industries CAM Logic, Inc. supports. Siemens Digital Industries created synchronous technology. While other software companies are just beginning to understand it, Siemens is perfecting it. Our customers need this functionality now, they don’t have time to wait for other software providers to catch up, and we are happy to be able to provide them with this cutting-edge functionality that it is within Solid Edge.”

Yvonne Wiedemann, President of CAM Logic Inc

Sol Cunningham has been with CAM Logic for three years as an application engineer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on PLM software and a focus on Solid Edge. CAM Logic is a Siemens Smart Expert partner located in Michigan with specializations in NX for Design and Solid Edge. They are a leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management solutions, 3D scanning and rapid prototyping technologies and services.

Contributors: Mollie Gladden and Maggie Korte are market research Co-Ops at Siemens Digital Industries Software studying Marketing at the University of Cincinnati.

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