CADENAS Reuse Library for NX

By Joseph Lewin

Most design engineers don’t create all the parts for their projects from scratch. Instead, they find those that are cost-effective to purchase from suppliers. For instance, many engineers purchase motors, bearings, casters, and cylinders from manufacturers specializing in those products.

Typically, an engineer searches online for a supplier part and downloads it for their design. This process is time-consuming and leaves room for low-quality parts to be specified by the engineer.

The 3D models downloaded are not always accurate. They can be from disreputable sources and cause design issues that are rarely uncovered until the physical parts show up on-site for assembly, which leads to avoidable and costly mistakes.

NX reuse open existing

Siemens and technology partner, CADENAS, have partnered to bring the CADENAS Reuse Library for NX. Now, NX users can access catalog parts from hundreds of suppliers through the manufacturer’s extensive quality assurance process. Components configured to meet an engineer’s needs and downloaded in 150+ native CAD formats and 3D PDFs.

The models in the CADENAS Reuse Library for NX have metadata like kinematic information, mates and constraints, manufacturer part number, etc., embedded in the models. When a model is inserted into a design, the metadata can drive downstream processes like simulation, automation programming, and digital twin implementations.

As more OEMs move toward Industry 4.0, Siemens NX add-ons like MindSphere and NX Automation Designer enable engineers to cut costs and increase value throughout the lifecycle of their products. Parts inserted directly from NX via the Reuse Library can be used in the integrated NX add-ons.

The Reuse Library ensures only one instance of any given part is brought from the CADENAS Libraries into NX and Teamcenter. The Reuse Library checks Teamcenter before importing the part, and if it already exists in PLM, it’s referenced from Teamcenter. Suppose the part hasn’t been used before. In that case, it will be created and checked into Teamcenter, eliminating the chance of duplicates from the CADENAS Reuse Library and encourages the reuse of commercial parts purchased from approved suppliers.

The CADENAS Reuse Library for NX is available for purchase in the Siemens price book.

Joseph Lewin is the Marketing Manager for PARTsolutions software. His goal is to enable engineers to work more efficiently by providing resources and education about improved engineering processes.

PARTsolutions software is a Siemens Digital Industries Software Software and Technology Partner. Software and Technology partners are leaders in their domain and leverage the open Xcelerator portfolio to provide customers with a comprehensive set of integrated solutions.

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