Increased safety and productivity using Solid Edge

By Renata Hori

Founded in 1992, Truckvan is the Brazilian market leader for customized solutions on wheels. The company manufactures mobile units for various market segments such as health, professional training, events, general services and security. They also customize containers and other specialized solutions for data protection and information technology.

Truckvan is also a reference and stands out in the market of road implements for heavy semi-trailers. Truckvan started its activities in 1992, at the time the company had a single container that served as an office in São Paulo – Brazil, today the company is located in a 753473.7292 ft² plant and has more than 450 employees. Their challenge was responding to short timelines to deliver extremely customized projects which led them to Smart Expert partner, PLMX Soluções, one of the largest Siemens Digital Industries Software resale partners in Latin America.

Truckvan is known for their quality. Because quality is directly related to the product prototypes and flawless execution, it is necessary to collaborate with the project and manufacturing teams and areas closely. As a prototype is developed, the parts already exist in the manufacturing process, so when the project is finished, it has both the final assembly of the prototype and the product.

The biggest issue Truckvan faced during the design process was the use of conventional software for 2D projects. The production speed is inversely proportional to the time required in the project’s phase, which generated a result that required adjustments or is scrapped entirely. They also needed to address their vast and obsolete file library that was completely invisible to other users and generated duplicity of projects.

Solid Edge deployment: the union of tradition with industry 4.0

PLMX Soluções began working on a proposal to address Truckvan’s challenges that would allow them to both manage the complexity of their products and their vast file library. The best option for their needs was Solid Edge with its 3D technology capabilities. The tool can be used from the beginning of the design process, from the architectural pre-project to the complete mechanical executive project which allows Truckvan to instantly detect geometric inconsistencies, enabling more effective and efficient product development workflows. The technology also permits corrections to be transferred simultaneously to the manufacturing drawings, preventing rework, production delays and documentation inconsistencies.

As a result, Truckvan now benefits from the ease-of-use during the elaboration of 3D projects thanks to synchronous technology. The creation of highly complex parts is simplified and the joining of the parts to the structure also gains agility.

With this investment, Truckvan increased productivity between 20 and 25 percent. They attributed the achievement to the decrease in variations to create the final project. Consequently, products are now delivered with greater safety and quality.

Ultimately, the partnership between Siemens, PLMX Soluções and Truckvan was so successful that Truckvan advanced its digitalization process further. They implemented the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tool to optimize their project management process and to have better control over all the documentation involved, from acquisition of a product to final delivery.

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Renata Hori is the founder and directress of PLMX Soluções. She is a specialist in engineering and finance and has worked in the technology and software market for over 20 years. PLMX Soluções was founded in 2010.

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