EMS efficiency for small batch sizes

European Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers face major challenges if they want to compete in the global market. One challenge is to steer many small batches of products and variants efficiently and safely through production every day.

For EMS providers, it is not about producing the large series of mass producers, but about meeting the different needs of producers who order small batches in high quality and numerous variants for different markets. New, increasingly individual products in many variants are constantly being introduced there. This increases the number of customers who need small quantities with short delivery times. In this type of New Product Introduction (NPI), it is important to combine high speed with equally high accuracy.

The key to this lies in perfect preparation through comprehensive documentation. The manual creation of good documentation requires qualified employees. It contains repetitions that create costly redundancy without added value.

Today, however, there are digital solutions that provide comprehensive support for less qualified employees – while eliminating redundancies. Wouldn’t it be better to create interactive documentation for the entire process chain with reusable models? You can. Using Process Preparation software from Siemens Digital Industry Software, you can create standardized documentation across all products, leading to higher quality and efficiency.

As one of the primary distributors of software for electronics development and manufacturing in Europe, Cadlog can advise you. For more insights into EMS efficiency, contact us.

Hans Hartmann is an engineer with over 20 years of experience in highly complex sales environments. At Cadlog Group he is General Manager for the DACH region.

Cadlog is the largest European provider of PCB design and manufacturing software. It supports companies at every stage of the production process from design to analysis and simulation of projects, design for manufacturing, new product introduction and assembly. As a Siemens Digital Industries Software specialized partner, it contributes to the spread of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing for digital enterprises in electronic assembly manufacturing.

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