Feature Templates | NX Tips and Tricks

Introduction As we continue to explore the latest capabilities from the Siemens’ NX™ software December 2022 release, we’re excited to…

On the left side, there is a silver assembled model of a twin steam engine in NX, captioned "Reverse Engineered Model." On the right side, there is a red and yellow twin steam engine sitting on top of bricks labeled "Original Model."

University of Cincinnati senior mechanical design projects with NX CAD

University of Cincinnati seniors revisit reverse engineering in NX CAD to prepare for designing a new product.

What is new in NX | Thermal Simulation

Welcome back to another entry in the What is New in NX™ software blog series for the summer 2022 release….

Improve productivity and usability with NX Core Architecture upgrades in latest release

Core updates to improve your experience navigating and operating NX

Learn NX Sketch with these new tutorial videos

Become a NX Sketch pro in no time with these 5 new tutorial videos on how to use the updated application.

The benefits of designing in the cloud

The pandemic presented unique challenges that no organization could have foreseen and prepared for. One of the main challenges was…

University Professor looking forward to new Topology Optimization features | NX Early Access Program Interview Series

Olaf is a professor at Fontys Hogescholen with an expertise in CAD/FEM. He teaches students on CAD and is looking…

Engineer looking at the new Additive Manufacturing toolset| NX Early Access Program Interview Series

In comes Benedikt Altmann from ToolCraft AG who is interested in the additive manufacturing space. See here for what new tools are coming in the upcoming December release!

Mechanical Engineer on upcoming enhancements | NX Early Access Program Interview Series

In comes Christian Matzner from ENGEL Austria. Christian is a longtime NX user who has seen many changes throughout the…