From idea to app: How low-code makes it possible, part 3 – A WTMT special podcast mini-series

By Nuria Martin Garcia

There is an app for just about anything these days. Car shopping, finances, entertainment, social connection and more. This is equally as true for the business world as it is for the general consumer. Yet, even with the proliferation of apps, many companies find they have unique challenges or needs for which there truly is no “app for that”. What can companies do in this situation? They can use low-code to create custom applications to resolve their specific challenges.

Low-code application development gives everyone the tools they need to build their own apps without requiring specialized coding knowledge or qualifications. By using Mendix – the low-code application development platform from Siemens – we can all become citizen developers thanks to the simple drag and drop interface.

In the first episode of this WTMT mini-series, we learned the basics: how low-code works, its user-friendly interface and how it provides rapid solutions to complex problems. In the second episode, we explored how it helps organizations address manufacturing challenges through collaboration and integration, and shared some real-world examples.

Creating custom apps with low-code

In the final episode of this 3-part mini-series, our Mendix experts Dina Durutlic, Product Marketing Manager, Erno Rorive, Senior Product Manager, and Jakob Schillinger, Technology Evangelist return to talk about the accessibility of low-code application development, share examples of how it can be used for manufacturing applications (or just for fun), and how it gives everyone equal access to the wide-reaching capabilities of the digital twin.

We also share the story of how Siemens Digital Industries Software brought Mendix into the family, the next evolution of the Mendix journey as it drives further towards creating solutions, and a little teaser about the much-anticipated launch of Data Hub will be also explored in this episode. You can listen to the final episode below:

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