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The future of MES: Personalized UIs for a modern workforce 

The growing demand for role-based user interfaces (UI) in manufacturing execution systems (MES) is driven by several factors:   Combined with…

How to extend and personalize your Siemens Xcelerator portfolio with low-code 

When it comes to digital transformation, acceleration is the name of the game. The faster a manufacturing company can achieve…

Extend the power of your product lifecycle management (PLM) system with low code 

Have you ever wished for an application that could help your business improve its operational efficiency? Perhaps you need a…

Man leveraging PLM with low code

Extend your product lifecycle management software with low code to boost collaboration and innovation 

In today’s dynamic business environment, customers expect accelerated product innovation and quick time to market. To keep up with these…

How manufacturers can build an engine for evolution with composable operations

The concept of composable operations is designed to support manufacturing operations with applications built from simple building blocks of code that can be easily repurposed

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Low Code and the Case of the Customer Cruncher – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 4

This week on the podcast, we’re addressing the question of whether low code development is worth the financial tradeoff.  

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Low Code and the Case of the Disrupted Developers A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 3

In the podcast this week, we are tackling the myth that that low-code application development will disrupt the culture of a development team.

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New year, new insights: how one application changed collaboration forever.

In our age of digitalization, effective communication and documentation is essential for success, particularly in sales.

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Digitalize your business processes with low-code applications

Low-code app development allows companies to quickly create personalized applications – without the prerequisite of coding knowledge.