Man with tablet looking at digital charts and graphs overlayed in front of him

Extending the digital enterprise

Becoming a digital enterprise is more important than ever for business growth. With the need for faster, better, and more…

Hands spaced apart with a digital thread between them that looks like a lit-up cat's cradle

The bridge to innovation

Break down collaborative barriers! Low-code development empowers your team to work together to accelerate the innovation in digitalization.

Business woman in manufacturing plant using a tablet, standing in front of heavy machinery

Crush your digitalization challenges with low-code solutions

Digital transformation, a necessary burden To meet the needs of customers and stay competitive, companies need to take advantage of…

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Strategic benefits of low-code applications in retail

The COVID-19 crisis drastically changed the operational demands for retailers—from supply chain disruptions, to labor shortages, to ever-changing customer needs…

Logo for Mendix World 2021 with the words "Mendix World This Assembly Is Required"

Our session picks for manufacturers at Mendix World 2021

We’re living in a digital world – and manufacturers are at the cutting edge of technology and digitalization. Mendix is…

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Filling digital transformation gaps with low-code applications

The road for manufacturers to fulfill digitalization is rugged, and there are many gaps to bridge. How can you fill…

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Low-code application development learning to go!

Download the three episodes of our low-code application development series and listen whenever you want!

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From idea to app: How low-code makes it possible, part 3 – A WTMT special podcast mini-series

In episode three of this “Where Today Meets Tomorrow” special three-part mini-series, you will discover the accessibility of low-code

Developer staring at a computer screen. There is a digital overlay representing networks and charts.

The low-code advantage, part 1 – A WTMT special podcast mini-series

In episode one of this “Where Today Meets Tomorrow” special three-part mini-series, you’ll find out what exactly low-code is