Oil refinery capital project at dusk

Streamline capital project engineering management with integrated software from Siemens & SAP

Learn how integrated digital solutions from Siemens and SAP can streamline capital project management across the entire asset lifecycle.

Engineer using tablet with requirements management software

Shell’s Strategic Advantage: Leveraging Polarion Requirements Management Software in Capital Projects

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Oil and gas operations

Why oil and gas companies should use digital twin predictive engineering analytics

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Gas turbine simulation

Saving the planet, one simulation at a time

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Hydrogen oxygen storage in cylinders

Solve hydrogen ecosystem development challenges using simulation

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Mountain landscape with wind turbines

Develop carbon-free energy systems faster

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Two engineers in gas turbine manufacturing facility with digital overlay over turbine.

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Harbor city power plant with digital overlay

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Close-up of turbine with digital overlay.

On-demand webinar: Advanced engineering simulation for energy and utilities

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