Shell’s Strategic Advantage: Leveraging Polarion Requirements Management Software in Capital Projects

By Justin Tuttle

Customers in the energy and utilities industry create “requirements” to meet specific needs, such as asset integrity and performance, compliance, quality or expected service life. Understanding, validating and maintaining those requirements is critical in capital projects, as errors and omissions can cause significant operational issues, resulting in failures, litigation, lost market share and reputational damage.

In this on-demand webinar, Steffan Wiersing, Senior Systems Engineer at Shell plc, demonstrates how Shell uses Polarion® REQUIREMENTS™ software to manage capital project requirements and specifications from the project beginning through its entire lifecycle.

Model based systems engineering creates the need for effective requirements management

According to Steffan, Shell adopted a model based systems engineering approach approximately 10 years ago as a systematic and multidisciplinary methodology to deliver successful projects. With systems engineering, it’s necessary early in projects to document requirements. As lifecycles advance, validating that completed solutions meet requirements and business needs is essential for effective requirements management.

Requirements management software minimizes project risks

The webinar highlights Shell’s functional and design requirements database that is used across projects and assets. With requirements management software, project teams can select applicable standards and requirements based on scope, risks and controls to minimize project risks.

Growing numbers of Shell engineers use Polarion across project lifecycles

Learn about Shell’s growing use of Polarion to manage technical standards and projects at all lifecycle stages.

Requirements management tools like Polarion have many use cases

Whether managing specifications, reducing risk or recording verification evidence, Polarion helps Shell improve its business execution. Learn some use cases for requirements management tools by watching this video.

Discover the benefits Polarion can bring to your business

Interested in learning more about how Polarion improves engineering efficiency? Want to hear Steffan answer audience questions about requirements management within Shell? Watch the entire webinar!

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