Engineer working at computer with two monitors.

Want to design better capital assets faster? Synchronize your engineering design processes & reuse designs.

Learn how to design capital assets faster using our integrated and collaborative environment for managing multi-discipline design data.

Tired of capital project delays and cost overruns? Try systems-driven design.

Learn how energy businesses can reduce capital asset cost overruns and project delays while meeting customer and regulatory requirements.

Petrochemical plant

Unleash Innovation: 3 Benefits of Automating Custom Energy and Utilities Capital Asset Designs

Learn the benefits of automating design rules and processes for energy and utilities businesses.

Off shore oil and gas equipment

4 Ways Teamcenter Helps Engineers Improve Decision Making at Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers

Discover four ways Teamcenter empowers engineers at oil and gas equipment manufacturers with data to improve decision making.

Oil refinery capital project at dusk

Streamline capital project engineering management with integrated software from Siemens & SAP

Learn how integrated digital solutions from Siemens and SAP can streamline capital project management across the entire asset lifecycle.

Energy, gas and chemical plant across water in dusk sky

How Siemens and SAP are Building a More Sustainable Future for Energy

Learn how integrated digital solutions from Siemens and SAP help energy and utilities companies improve capital asset operations and sustainability.

Engineer using tablet with requirements management software

Shell’s Strategic Advantage: Leveraging Polarion Requirements Management Software in Capital Projects

Discover how Shell uses Polarion software to manage capital project complexity across the entire lifecycle.

Chemical factory illustration

Four benefits energy & chemical plants receive from integrating their production processes  

Discover four reasons existing energy and chemical plants should digitally integrate their core production systems.

Offshore wind farm for the clean energy transition

Demystifying Clean Energy: 6 Top Questions Answered for Energy & Equipment Manufacturing Companies

Siemens’ Energy and Utilities global strategy lead answers 6 critical clean energy questions.

Enabling continuous improvement in the chemical industry

In our recent webinar, industry experts Gian Paolo Di Salvo and Cheyenne Goeminne discuss how the process industry can leverage…