Unveiling the Beneficial Secrets of Production Costing – Siemens Webinar Recap

In a recent Siemens Digital Industry Software webinar, we explored the intricacies of production costing in electronics manufacturing. This recap…

Microchip layers stacked up like a Manhattan skyscraper

Rising Above the Limits of Semiconductor Design with 3D ICs  

Manhattan has always been a place that rises above limitations.  It goes way back. As the twentieth century approached, Manhattan…

Test engineer using automated PCB testing software with two screens

Did I build that right? Testing in high mix, low volume PCB production

With the shift to high mix PCB assembly, there are more new product introductions (NPIs) to process and debug. How…

Group of people with various icons depicting collaboration design and management

Collaborate more efficiently and accelerate digital handoffs in electronics design

Electronics manufacturers need multi-discipline collaborative design environments to keep pace with competitors, increasing complexity, and higher output requirements. While traditional…

Leverage EDA data without conversion to generate PCB simulation models and calculation meshes

Remaining competitive in developing reliable electronics requires an innovative and adaptive engineering approach. Predicting product physical performance influences and reliability…

Abstract concept depicting digital transformation for electronics innovation using circuit network and human brain

Forget about the process and focus on design with an integrated multi-domain design strategy

Increasingly complex consumer electronics require significant design effort. More complex designs require close coordination between electronic and mechanical design teams….

Visual representation of increasingly complex products needing digitalization strategy

Three Keys to Leveraging Complexity as a Competitive Advantage in Electronics Manufacturing

The explosion of complexity in the electronics industry makes it more difficult to collaborate across and throughout the supply chain…

Engineer looking at OBD++Manufacturing data on a touch screen

Leverage OBD++Manufacturing to scale product variants in electronics production

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is on track to connect data from nearly every machine and system. In electronics…

What’s next for electronics manufacturers? Why innovate now?

Use a comprehensive digital twin to simulate and predict set-up and material replenishment demand, and run multiple scenarios to assess the impact of staffing availability on performance. Simulation with a comprehensive digital twin will increase utilization and performance and contribute to higher margins.

Human inspiration and technology drive innovation

What’s wrong with PDM?

At first glance, it might seem natural that most electronics companies would use product data management (PDM) systems, so they…