Collaborate more efficiently and accelerate digital handoffs in electronics design

By Katie Tormala

Electronics manufacturers need multi-discipline collaborative design environments to keep pace with competitors, increasing complexity, and higher output requirements. While traditional electronic design silos and limits teams, the comprehensive digital twin enables data analysis and simulation across mechanical, electrical and software domains. This single source of truth allows collaboration, data sharing, reuse and control. 

Equipping distributed engineering and design teams for faster new product introductions

An open, collective design environment supports the entire multi-domain product development process. It maximizes electronics hardware, printed circuit board (PCB) and software development while integrating electronics and mechanical product elements. When distributed teams use a multi-discipline collaborative environment, they can work together more efficiently to improve design quality and accelerate new product introduction by leveraging the latest information to optimize designs quickly.

Watch this short video to learn more about leveraging a collaborative design and management environment.

Simplify digital handoffs in electronics design with collaborative development and get products to market faster

Teams that adopt mechanical and electronic design tools alongside a collaboration enabler realize a digitally integrated solution. These solutions enable efficient, multi-domain access to data, significantly streamlining the entire product development process. Teams can avoid manual conversions and translation steps. Everyone gets a current, shared view of data across all aspects of a product’s design, empowering teams to collaborate more efficiently while accelerating and simplifying digital handoffs and prototyping.

Since teams can spend more time on differentiating features and capabilities and less dealing with the valueless friction caused by cross-organizational data bottlenecks, the result is better products and new products get to market faster. 

Digital transformation isn’t just about digitized data. It’s about seamless, real-time, anytime access to all data, providing a common, comprehensive view of your product to everyone and fueling unprecedented innovation.

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