Semiconductor design innovation: how EDA initiates the digitalization journey for a smarter, sustainable future.  

Topic 3 in our Blog Series, “Sustainability in Semiconductors. Every Detail Matters.”  Hannover Messe 2024, the world’s leading industrial trade…

Siemens Hi-Tech Factory Digital Twin

Scale up Smart to reduce carbon.  

Topic 2 in our Blog Series, “Sustainability in Semiconductors. Every Detail Matters.” Hannover Messe 2024, the world’s leading industrial trade…

A lush green forest with a blue river running through it.

Smart is Sustainable.  

A world in critical need of a sustainable future needs smart manufacturing for semiconductors.

Siemens at Hannover Messe 2024: Semiconductors Go Digital – Achieve sustainable manufacturing from design to production. 

Siemens is offering our blog readers an exclusive sneak peek to our Semiconductors Go Digital sustainable manufacturing message at Hannover Mess 2024 through our blog series, “Sustainability in Semiconductors. Every Detail Matters.”

Evolving from Lean Manufacturing to Smart manufacturing for Semiconductors

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a futuristic green city

The Engineer’s Guide to Sustainable Innovation: Balancing Cost and Carbon Footprint in Product Development

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Siemens presentation at Realize Live in Las Vegas 2023

Shifting-Left – Accelerating Semiconductor Product Development

The fragmented state of the semiconductor lifecycle and value chain can be chaotic. In turn, this creates disruption and quantifiable…

Image of a printed circuit board held by machinery inside an electronics manufacturing plant using intraplant logistics

The electronic manufacturer’s guide to mastering material flow using intralogistics

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