The image shows a person in a protective white full-body suit, including a hood and mask, holding a green silicon wafer with etched patterns in what appears to be a high-tech manufacturing facility or cleanroom environment. The background is slightly blurred, but displays a futuristic-looking interior space with bright overhead lighting. The image's focus and composition highlights the worker inspecting or presenting the silicon wafer, which is a key component used in semiconductor and microchip production.

Chip production and design with 3D IC technology

At Siemens, we recognize the potential of 3DIC to remove the limits and revolutionize semiconductor design and manufacturing. Our comprehensive portfolio of software and services provides the key enabling technologies for 3DIC adoption.

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Siemens at Hannover Messe 2024: Semiconductors Go Digital – Achieve sustainable manufacturing from design to production. 

Siemens is offering our blog readers an exclusive sneak peek to our Semiconductors Go Digital sustainable manufacturing message at Hannover Mess 2024 through our blog series, “Sustainability in Semiconductors. Every Detail Matters.”

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Semiconductor Industry Report: Mid-2023 Trends and Insights

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