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By Katie Tormala

A look at the latest digitalization-themed webinars, blogs and more for the electronics and semiconductor industry.

Thermal analysis of complex multi-layer printed circuit boards

Digitalization on printed circuit board with components

Webinar: Two Sessions

The complexity arising from miniaturization, increasing functionality and tighter integration of electronics systems can require the use of complex multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB), with upwards of 50 layers. Join us for a live webinar to find out how you can accelerate your design through electro-thermal co-simulation.

Is there a simple way to identify compromised components?

3D diagram of a printed circuit board with information bubbles over components that could be compromised

New Blog Post

A single defective part or compromised component can jeopardize an entire production run and cause massive product recalls. How can they be detected on the shop floor – in real time?

Software upgrade and migration strategies for electronics manufacturers

Visual image depicting PCBs on conveyer belt between old and new software programs shown on computers

New Blog Post

Many electronics manufacturers struggle with outdated software which causes problems and inefficiencies. Learn about three important considerations to evaluate when making decisions about software updates and migrations.

Additional industry resources:

Blog – Three vital considerations for updating and migrating SMT engineering software  Mitigate software update challenges by adopting the right strategy. Before making any migration decision, teams should review three considerations to ensure the success of current and future solutions in the manufacturing environment.

ebook – How to guide: engineering change process → Changes are inevitable. Making those change doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. This ebook by Lifecycle Insights outlines how you can achieve change management best practices.

Blog – The global pandemic and how digitalization is helping electronics manufacturers produce more at lower costs → In our fourth episode of The Voice of Smart Manufacturing, we talk with Oren Manor about the impact of COVID-19 on the electronics industry from manufacturing disruptions and lockdowns to increased supply chain disturbances. Tune in to learn how digitalization is working to alleviate these impacts.

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