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Let's connect at PCB West 2023

Visit Siemens at PCB West 2023

Stop by and see us in booth 405 at the annual PCB West show in Santa Clara, CA on September…

Image of a 3D model showing electrical/electronic co-design in Xpedition software

PCB design best practices: electrical/electronic co-design

What is electrical/electronic co-design? Circuit boards don’t work in isolation, they usually interface with other circuit boards via connectors, cables…

Image of two people using PADS Professional Premium at the same time with text that says Collaboration elevates PCB design excellence

Collaboration elevates PCB design excellence

Collaboration is crucial when it comes to designing electronic systems. Nowadays, products are becoming more and more complex, requiring inputs…

Screen shot of Xpedition software with text onscreen that says 4.1 multi-board design

PCB design best practices: multi-board PCB design

What is multi-board PCB design? Multi-board PCB design is the design of multiple printed circuit boards that make up one…

Image of HyperLynx software with text onscreen that says Power integrity analysis

PCB design best practices: power integrity analysis

What is power integrity analysis? PCB power integrity analysis is the study of a PCB’s Power Delivery Network (PDN), which…

an image of Xpedition software with text saying "model-based systems engineering"

PCB design best practices pillar 4: model-based systems engineering

Today I will outline our fourth pillar of PCB design best practices, model-based systems engineering. Having the ability to design…

Image of Xpedition software showing manufacturability verification

PCB design best practices: manufacturability verification or design for manufacturing analysis

What is design for manufacturing analysis? Design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis is manufacturability verification within the design process. It incorporates…

PADS Professional Premium DFM software in action.

Frequently asked questions about PADS Professional Premium DFM

A best-practice strategy to keep your projects on time and on budget is to test them for compliance with your…

image of Xpedition software showing AMS

PCB design best practices: analog mixed-signal (AMS)

What is analog mixed-signal analysis? Analog mixed-signal circuit simulation (AMS) is a technique for analyzing circuits in an integrated environment…