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Image of Xpedition showing routing

Navigating the maze of PCB routing: understanding interactive, auto, and sketch routing techniques

In the world of PCB design, PCB routing plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and functionality of electronic…

Close up of a 3D PCB with text onscreen that says: Simplifying component research for efficient electronics design

Simplifying component research for efficient electronics design

Let’s delve into the challenges that electronic systems development organizations face and how an integrated part research solution, such as…

3D image of a rendered PCB with text that says supply chain resilience

PCB design best practices pillar 5: supply chain resilience

Today I’m going to discuss the fifth pillar of PCB design best practices: supply chain resilience. This is a topic…

Frequently asked questions about PADS Professional

Frequently asked questions about PADS Professional

You asked and we answered! Here are the frequently asked questions about PADS Professional. What is PADS PCB design software?…

FPGA/PCB co-design

PCB design best practices: FPGA/PCB co-design

The next best practice in the model-based systems engineering pillar is FPGA/PCB co-design and optimization. What is FPGA/PCB co-design? FPGA/PCB…

What's new in PADS Professional 2.14

What’s new in PADS Professional VX.2.14

PADS Professional is the best-in-class PCB design and analysis software for individuals and small workgroups. The PADS Professional desktop is…

what's new in Xpedition VX.2.14

What’s new in Xpedition VX.2.14

The new VX.2.14 release of Xpedition Enterprise includes improvements to design capture, multi-board systems design, library and design data management,…

what's new in HyperLynx VX.2.14

What’s new in HyperLynx VX.2.14

The new VX.2.14 release of HyperLynx contains improvements across: HyperLynx DRC HyperLynx DRC includes a new via length rule that…

Image of a thermal model with text that says Forging a New Path: Game-Changing Electro-Thermal Design Advancement

Forging a new path: game-changing electro-thermal design advancement

Let’s talk about revolutionizing electro-thermal design. But first, some context. To meet the functional requirements of a circuit under design,…