Coordinate E/E product lifecycle data with holistic tool integrations

Year-on-year, the electronics content of vehicles increases. Accordingly, OEMs seek to meet the market’s demand for advancements in advanced driver…

image of an aircraft taking off

How digitalization solves 3 challenges of traditional aerospace harness design

Consider the requirements for aerospace harness design for today’s advanced products. Three variables may come to mind immediately: quality, delivery…

The hidden value of aerospace technical documentation

Aerospace documentation and diagnostics can be your unsung hero in improving your bottom line. By providing comprehensive electrical information you…

Black and gray luxury car chases airplane down stripped runway into the yellow and orange sunset. This relates to E/E Systems Development and Electrical Systems with Capital by encapsulating both the Aerospace and Automotive industry into one image as well as how we are continually moving forward with solutions for our customers. E/E Systems industry articles automotive aerospace

E/E Systems Article Roundup

The following is a collection of recent industry articles on Capital E/E systems development and electrical systems.  1. Managing Today’s Advanced…

shot of a plane taking off to show EE Systems Development in Aerospace

5 steps to optimizing E/E systems in aerospace with Capital

Modern aircraft feature increasingly complex electrical and electronic or E/E systems. In fact, the electrical wiring interconnect system in today’s…

airplane image showing siemens xcelerator capital software selected by airbus

Wiring harness design: underappreciated, ‘secret’ ingredient of aerospace success

 ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 31 MINUTES The wire harness and its associated systems are part of an exciting ride into the future….

Model-based approach to electrical systems integration

 ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 34 MINUTES Learn how a model-based approach overcomes the challenge of bringing together all platform electrical content in…

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All-electric eVTOL design challenges aircraft manufacturers with complexity and risk (Part 3-3)

What’s next for eVTOL? In this 3-part series, we have explored the expanding world of electric vertical take-off and landing…

a model of an electric vertical take off and landing vehicle

4 Key Capabilities of a Successful E/E System Development Solution for eVTOL (Part 2-3)

What’s next for eVTOL? In this 3-part series, we explore the expanding world of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL)….