Unleash the power of digital twins in aerospace wire harnesses

By Nuri Zughaid

In the dynamic world of aerospace and defense, the pressure to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget is greater than ever, especially when it comes to aerospace wire harnesses. Aerospace companies are facing a myriad of challenges, from supply chain bottlenecks to workforce shortages, all while striving to reduce program costs and schedules. In the face of these challenges, the industry is turning to digital transformation to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes.

In our webinar, Modernizing Wire Harness Manufacturing in Aerospace: How the Use of a Digital Twin is Transforming Classic Production Preparation Methods, hear from Siemens industry leaders about Siemens Xcelerator portfolio’s Capitalâ„¢ software. Watch on demand to discover the future of wire harness manufacturing.

Why aerospace wire harnesses

There is a pressing need for efficiency in wire harness manufacturing. Traditional methods rely heavily on manual processes, leading to increased risk, costs, and production time. By leveraging digital twin technology, companies can streamline manufacturing processes, improve productivity, and ensure first-time-right production.

One of the critical components highlighted in the webinar is the design of the formboard. Often overlooked, the formboard plays a pivotal role in wire harness manufacturing. A well-designed formboard enables operators to work efficiently and effectively, resulting in higher-quality products and reduced manufacturing errors.

Moreover, the webinar delves into the challenges of traditional MCAD drawing methods. Isolated from wire harness data, these methods prolong the creation process and increase the likelihood of errors. With the digital twin approach, participants will discover how to seamlessly integrate design changes, manage components effectively, and ultimately, reduce implementation costs.

Watch now to discover a roadmap to harnessing the power of digital twin technology in wire harness manufacturing. Participants will gain insights into creating cost-effective and ergonomic formboards, optimizing production processes, and staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

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