Designing the future: master E/E system design for eVTOL aircraft

By Sarah Bartash

Watch our webinar and check out our 3-part blog series on electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL).

Flying cars. Drones you can ride in. The extremely competitive eVTOL aircraft industry is filled with promise and with high hopes for a futuristic solution to the challenges of traffic congestion and air pollution. But with those hopes comes the challenges of finding high-powered electrical solutions in an extremely lightweight design to meet the needs of vertical airspace and urban air mobility.

In this webinar, Siemens Solutions Architect and Market Development Manager Steve Caravella relates the key trends in eVTOL and how they are impacting development in this renaissance of aviation.

Watch to explore how the following trends are driving eVTOL companies:

  • Extreme competition in the eVTOL market
  • Electric propulsion increases electrical systems complexity
  • Subcontracting manufacturing adds additional complexity
  • Certification requirements are still maturing

Dive deeper into the eVTOL industry through our three-part blog series by Anthony M. Nicoli, Siemens Director Aerospace & Defense. In “How E/E systems development solutions help fulfill the promise of eVTOL“, Tony explores the expanding world of eVTOL: what it is, what it offers, what challenges are faced by this growing market? Also, how will startup companies address these challenges? He looks at those challenges that relate to the need for successful E/E systems development solutions.

In “4 Key Capabilities of a Successful E/E System Development Solution for eVTOL“, Tony shares some of capabilities and the benefits of adopting advanced E/E systems development tools when designing for eVTOL. And with “All-electric eVTOL design challenges aircraft manufacturers with complexity and risk,” he rounds out the series by examining the complexity and risk that stands in the way of great opportunities.

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