Announcing the core Capital™ software and Capital Essentials (formerly VeSys) 2207 release

By Sarah Bartash

Siemens is excited to announce that with todays main release, the Capital tool suite has been rebranded. ​​

Firstly, all Capital desktop applications have adopted the Xcelerator look and feel. New color scheme, icons and splash screens provide a unified user interface across the Capital and entire Xcelerator portfolio

Furthermore, all products have been renamed according to a scheme that better articulates their intent and scope. Please note there is no change in license part numbers or features, only the product names

Why now?

Earlier, in September 2019, Siemens PLM Software became Siemens Digital Industries Software. This was a new identity that reflects our vision to help our industrial customers of all sizes become digital enterprises. Moving on the execution of this vision, we created the Xcelerator portfolio. This integrates the technologies and capabilities of Siemens’ products, solutions and services for design, engineering and manufacturing, allowing experts across engineering disciplines to create new products collaboratively.

Subsequently in September 2021, we expanded the portfolio with Xcelerator as a Service. We were able to leverage Cloud technologies to make our solutions more accessible, flexible, and more scalable than ever for maximum productivity in the extended enterprise.

What does this mean for you?

We have been consolidating our offerings and taking feedback from our customer community. And therefore, our next investment has been dedicated to streamline the end-user experience. Along with the changes to Capital applications and naming come more benefits. VeSys – NX wiring and harness integration capabilities are now available as part of the standard VeSys licenses, in connected or file-based mode, and enabled with Xcelerator Share Cloud-based services (2021.1 release, November 2021).

VeSys applications have also been renamed to become the Capital Essentials software portfolio. We believe the new names of the applications better articulates their intent and scope:

  • Teamcenter integration is delivered by the Capital Connector for Teamcenter

Like all changes, we anticipate there will be a transition period before everyone is fully familiar with the new look and feel of our solutions. Please reach out to us or your Customer Services representative if you have any question about Xcelerator, Xcelerator as a Service or the new Capital application names. At Siemens Digital Industries Software, we are committed to delivering the technologies and services to help our customers quickly and cost-effectively design and build tomorrow’s products today.

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