Wiring harness design: underappreciated, ‘secret’ ingredient of aerospace success

By Sarah Bartash


The wire harness and its associated systems are part of an exciting ride into the future. Although wiring may not be a topic that first comes to mind when imagining future innovations in aerospace, wire harness design continues to be an unseen or unappreciated item that will control and power those very systems being imagined.

Are you ready to learn how digitalization can help you avoid the pitfalls of disjointed systems that are unable to keep up with increasing complexity in aerospace and defense? Are you wanting to explore the benefits of improving harness design tools and activities along with implications for organizational success?

Ready to go? Watch this 30 minute webinar to expand your understanding of challenges and opportunities in wire harness design in A&D. The presentation will address digitalization and advancements in E/E systems development for:

  • Engineering managers
  • Design engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Quality engineers

Topics covered include:

  • Modern aircraft electrical system challenges and opportunities
  • Harness design tools for data reliability (rejecting error-prone manual methods)
  • The role of the digital twin in E/E aircraft systems development
  • Increased management of growing complexity in aerospace

Watch the webinar → Digitize your harness design tools for data reliability and success.

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