Infineon and Siemens collaborate for innovation

By Design With Calibre

By Karen Chow

When Infineon needed to select a field solver for the development of their next-generation power semiconductor products, they chose the Calibre® xACT™ 3D parasitic extraction tool. The accuracy and reliability provided by the Calibre xACT 3D field solver supplies the precision Infineon requires to ensure their products deliver the intended performance. Additionally, the scalability, visual debugging capabilities, and easy sharing between technology file formats simplify its implementation and use. As a result of the collaborative effort between Siemens and Infineon, Infineon was able to develop and implement an accurate, efficient, and user-friendly parasitic extraction process for use in advanced node technologies. With the selection and use of the Calibre xACT 3D tool, Infineon has been able to not only improve their product quality, but also contribute valuable insights to Siemens EDA for future tool development and enhancement. Ultimately, field solvers like those in the Calibre xACT 3D tool help drive innovation in semiconductor design and technologies that benefit the consumer in the form of faster, smarter, more reliable products. To learn more, check out our paper, The value of field solvers in semiconductor development helps drive Infineon innovation.

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