Siemens’ Production Operation and Optimization solutions

How to add flexibility and efficiency to automotive manufacturing with advanced automation

Learn how Siemens’ Production Operation and Optimization solutions for the automotive industry deliver unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, quality, and sustainability, setting a new standard in manufacturing excellence.

Smart manufacturing for automotive

Smart manufacturing drives sustainable operational excellence in automotive

Transform your operations with cutting-edge automotive manufacturing solutions to deliver high-quality products on time, all the time.

Intelligent Production Excellence

How to achieve intelligent production excellence in automotive manufacturing

A self-organizing plant will monitor machine performance and predict operational issues to continuously improve products and processes, enabling you to achieve line speed and throughput targets.

Virtual Manufacturing Engineering

How to plan and optimize auto manufacturing operations virtually to drive efficiency 

The interconnection of all engineering disciplines in virtual commissioning will lead you to a flawless launch on time.

Rapid Factory Transformation

How to modernize your automotive plant with rapid factory transformation

Updating legacy equipment with intelligent technologies will allow you to receive actionable insights before physical commissioning, allowing you to rapidly modernize your automotive plant.

AVD Campaign Image

Experience the future of safe, sustainable and secure mobility with Siemens at ACM Demo Days 2024

Discover the latest advancements in autonomous mobility at ACM Demo Days 2024, where Siemens will showcase innovative industry solutions.

Daily life in a city with people walking across a street at a zebra crossing. A generic electric car has stopped before the people. It could be a driverless car using artificial intelligence to operate and detecting people on the street. Options for public transportation nearby: A busstop and a subway.

How to achieve maximum safety with full regulatory compliance of ADAS and AV systems

Learn how to continually verify and validate ADAS and AV performance to establish maximum active and passive safety and full regulatory compliance.

Female and male engineers in experimental crash test laboratory watching process of traffic accident simulation, to get safety parameters of a new electro eco-friendly car body using computer system.

How to develop trustworthy ADAS and AV system behavior faster

Explore how to continuously optimize ADAS and AV system behavior to maximize prediction capabilities, speed development and ensure safe and compliant AD operations.

Autonomous electric bus self driving on street, Smart vehicle technology concept, 3d render

How to maximize the value of AV and ADAS features

Discover how you can maximize the value of AV and ADAS features with solutions that enable you to make better decisions about hardware, software, and relevant scenarios faster.

A man walking in front of a vehicle

How to keep up with the continued growth of autonomous vehicle systems

Deliver trustworthy and compliant ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems that function effectively in the widest possible range of conditions?