Image of a car with horses in a wispy style to emphasize movement and speed.

How to accelerate product development in the automotive industry

Discover how automotive manufacturers can unleash innovation and accelerate product development to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Accelerated Product Development for Automotive

Accelerate Innovation to Unleash the Next Generation of Vehicles

How to stay competitive as product complexity increases The automotive industry is marked by its fast-paced technological advances and complex…

Autonomous vehicles detecting a pedestrian walking across a busy city street.

How to manage E/E systems development for autonomous vehicles

Due to technological advances and changing consumer trends, the complexity of vehicle development has increased dramatically over the last few…

An image of an electric vehicle fast charging in a city, an example of vehicle electrification.

How vehicle electrification is transforming the automotive industry

Vehicle electrification is one of the biggest trends in the automotive industry today. Driven by policy shifts in countries targeting…

Man and woman looking at product CAD drawing on screen

How to establish auditable traceability for accelerated product development

Unprecedented change in the automotive industry is opening up a new world of opportunities for carmakers and their suppliers, but…

Man walking across street with phone and vehicles on street scanning him

Five disruptive trends driving autonomous vehicle development

The automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented changes driven by disruptive innovations and customer demand for a new driving experience leading…

Image of multiple automotive wire harnesses in a manufacturing facility

Optimize advanced wire harness manufacturing with a KSK solution

The continually evolving automotive industry faces multiple challenges that place great emphasis on wire harnesses. The demand for electrification, autonomous…