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DVCon U.S.

By Dennis Brophy

There is certainly demand for what the Accellera DVCon events bring the global design and verification engineering community.  Not more than a few years back, there was only one DVCon in Silicon Valley.  And the design and verification community has expanded it to sister events in Europe, India, China and Japan.  User support is the reason for this growth.  Along the way, each conference has had its own regional focus on design and verification challenges.  Because the other DVCon’s are shorter in duration, some elements of those conferences have had to shrink to accommodate allotted time.  What has been found, some of those reduced timed sessions have been valuable and yielded meaningful information that could be immediately used in daily design and verification practice.

New for 2018: Short Workshops

As the DVCon U.S. Chair for 2017, I thought it would be good to pull in the short format focused technical sessions to broaden the conference topics and expand the number of design and verification practitioners that would find the conference an important event to attend.  The Short Workshop concept comes out of this.  On the Thursday Tutorial Day, in addition to the in-depth half-day tutorials, we have added shorter sponsored workshops.  The intent of this change is to expand the conference content and support newer sponsors to participate more fully in DVCon U.S.  Some ideas are better discussed in a workshop format in shorter time.  I look forward to the ideas we get from this conference addition.  To learn more about the Short Workshops, click here.  The deadline for idea submissions is 29 September 2017.

I am always open to more feedback how we can improved DVCon U.S.  And I hope this change will bring a focus on topic areas you may have felt we have not had the time to include.

Sister Conference Update

For those in India and Europe, DVCon India is only a few weeks away, 14-15 September 2017 and DVCon Europe is the following month, 16-17 October 2017.  The fourth edition of these conferences are set and I look forward to continued growth in user participation and practical information one gets that can be applied to one’s current work. Check them out!  Your peers have been working hard to bring a focus on issues you probably share with them at these two conferences.

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