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A Cliffhanger ABV Seminar, Jan 19, Santa Clara, CA

By Harry Foster

I’m excited. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cliff Cummings for many years, and I was honored a couple of years ago to have him write the foreword in a book that I published on assertions. Now, we have joined forces to do a set of seminars titled: “Assertion-Based Verification for FPGA and IC Design.”  The first seminar will take place on January 19, 2010 in Santa Clara, CA, and you can register online by clicking here.

This six-hour seminar is organized into four sessions. My session is titled: “Industry Perspective and Opportunities in Assertion-Based Verification,” and I intend to provide a survey of today’s ABV landscape, ranging from various industry myths to realities. In fact, I specifically plan on addressing the issues raised in my recent blog titled “Evolution is a tinkerer.” In addition, I’ll talk about what characterizes a successful organization that has successfully adopted ABV, and then contrast it against organizations that are struggling or have failed in their attempt to integrate ABV into their flow.

The second and third sessions will focus on “Advanced Debugging with Assertions” and “Effective Coverage Using Assertions.”

We will conclude the seminar with an extended session covering “Basic SystemVerilog Assertions Training” by our SystemVerilog guru Cliff Cummings! His presentation details practical SystemVerilog assertion tricks that you can apply today to your own work, as well as methodological recommendations to improve efficiency when adopting ABV.

I hope everyone has a peaceful, happy holiday, and I look forward to meeting you on January 19 at the ABV seminar in Santa Clara, CA!

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