advanced machine engineering

eBook: Empowering the world’s machine engineering

A recently published Siemens’ ebook discusses how engineering is evolving from traditionally engineered products to digitally simulated designs. Consumers are demanding customization to…

nx webinar heavy equipment

NX Webinar – next generation design equipment

In the following webinar, Hendrik Lange, Director of Heavy Equipment at Siemens Digital Industries Software, and Thomas Spangler, Senior Marketing…

virtual commissioning digital twin risk automation

Published article: Validating machines with virtual commissioning

In a recently published article in Plant Engineering Magazine, Bill Davis, Solution Director of Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry…

advanced machine engineering - part 1

Advanced machine engineering overview (webinar – Part 1)

In the following informative webinar, Bill Davis, Solution Director of the Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry for Siemens Digital…

complex machine validations

Addressing the complexities of advanced machine engineering (webinars)

By diving deep into advanced machine engineering solutions, we notice that today’s machinery design trends can be summed up in…

Designing heavy equipment to meet structural integrity and durability requirements

Where today meets tomorrow – meeting the performance engineering demands of tomorrow’s heavy equipment machines

Today’s tools building tomorrow’s heavy equipment

Where today meets tomorrow: rethinking the design process

Building the heavy equipment machines of the future

How to design and build tomorrow’s heavy equipment with today’s software

What will it take to build the heavy equipment machines of the future?

Using today’s software to create tomorrow’s heavy equipment