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Addressing the complexities of advanced machine engineering (webinars)

By Blake Snodgrass

By diving deep into advanced machine engineering solutions, we notice that today’s machinery design trends can be summed up in one word – complexity.

Advanced machine engineering (AME) allows suppliers to begin their digital innovation journey to improve productivity immediately. AME ensures greater certainty in developing sophisticated machines, reducing ramp-up time in production through virtual design and commissioning, resulting in better upfront validation, shorter commissioning times and more immediate productivity.

Advanced machine engineering helps industrial machinery manufacturers achieve their digitalization goals and critical business challenges. This includes the Industry 4.0 initiatives. Essentially, companies need to manufacture with decentralized autonomous machines that communicate with each other and the products they’re manufacturing, thus optimizing production. But for machine manufacturers to be successful, this complexity needs to be addressed with a variety of applications to businesses and industries in building smarter machines.

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In the following informative webinar, we are privileged to have Bill Butcher, the Senior Marketing Manager of Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry, and Frans Adamowicz, the Solutions Director for Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry.

Bill Butcher is responsible for delivering strategic marketing content, including campaigns, go-to-Market messaging and inbound digital content, to communicate the value of offerings of the Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio.

Frans Adamowicz delivers key strategic initiatives solutions and global business development, with a 33-year career in providing software-based solutions for product engineering and manufacturing innovation. He has held leadership positions in multiple functional areas, including sales and services management, country and industry marketing management.

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The Xcelerator portfolio in Siemens Digital Industries Software suite of products provides a full suite of solutions to empower machine builders and suppliers with the essential tools to compete successfully, helping industrial machinery companies to transition seamlessly to create tomorrow’s complex, efficient machines.

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