Connecting the World with Byte-sized Satellites, Sara Spangelo CEO SWARM – Podcast Transcript

Close your eyes and imagine you’re holding a grilled cheese sandwich. Better yet, make one. Now, holding this crispy, gooey…

Dawn of the automobility age: moving from driving to riding

IESF Auto 2020 featured presentations from industry experts covering everything from innovations in electrical and electronic (E/E) systems development, to cybersecurity and the future of autonomous and electric vehicles.

Digitalization helps companies adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, such as with AR and VR for vehicle design.

The effects of COVID-19 on the automotive industry: The Future Car bonus episode with Nand Kochhar

The entire automotive value chain has experienced immense pressure during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Automotive manufacturers have had to rethink how they design, verify and manufacture new vehicles. In particular, they have had to develop new ways of working while protecting the safety of their employees, families and communities.

Five Ways to Maximize the Value of IESF Automotive

IESF Automotive 2020 Since its inception two decades ago, IESF Automotive has been a calendar staple for automotive design engineers…

Autonomous Vehicle Development from Chip to City (Part 2)

Autonomous vehicle development – Where mobility meets tomorrow Autonomous vehicles (AVs) combine multiple sensors, computers and communications technologies to ensure…

Autonomous Vehicle Development from Chip to City (Part 1)

Autonomous vehicle development cannot be successful without simulation. Digital twin capabilities ‘from Chip to City’ will make the difference in…

How one company put a zero-emissions bus on the road

How Lion Electric Co. used simulation software to model and optimize battery design and thermal management.

Engineer analyzing test data

Perfecting the driving experience

Transportation is a part of daily life for most, but its definition is beginning to change. Electrification, advanced driver assistance…

picture of self-driving Navya shuttle

Podcast: NAVYA’s Henri Coron on lessons learned from a half-decade of AV deployments

Although autonomous vehicles are very publicly working through the boom-bust hype cycle, by now a small number of AV pioneers…