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Digital Part Production an introduction – ep. 1 Podcast

By Bill Butcher

One of the biggest challenges for machinery manufacturers is the increasing complexity surrounding new machine introductions. Industrial machinery companies must develop new engineering practices to keep pace with this growing complexity.

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Rahul Garg
Rahul Garg – V.P. Mid-market program at Siemens Digital Industries Software

In our new podcast series, engineering experts Rahul Garg, Vice-president of mid-market program at Siemens Digital Industries Software, and Frans Adamowicz, Solutions Director for Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry at Siemens, discuss the concept of Digital Part Production (DPP) and why is it important for machine manufacturers.

Digital Part Production is the process of having a fully connected digital thread, merging the digital world and the physical world to create a continuous digitalized communication process. This process also includes a feedback loop as an overarching mechanism to drive the highest possible production throughput and quality in the parts manufacturing on the shop floor. 

Historically, companies are challenged by shorter delivery timeframes and driving that reduction time to delivery – a key aspect that digitalization and a Digital Part Production process enables. Overall, this capability connects the entire production process, cutting the data transfer rates duplication and improving the collaboration, thus automating many of the processes between engineering and manufacturing.

Frans Adamowicz
Frans Adamowicz, Solutions Director for Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry at Siemens.

We are witnessing many companies who possess separate standalone automation solutions but don’t get the most valuable output on merely standalone automation that’s not connected with one system – a significant challenge. Also, there is continuous automation on the shop floor that can hinder productivity. So, there’s no connectivity or associativity with the original design. However, the DPP solution is a combination of various solutions connected in the Siemens portfolio to solve this problem.

The key trends driving the need for adopting a DPP solution are:

  • A continual, constant need for the personalization process driven by end-customers requiring machinery manufacturers to serve highly customized equipment and machines.
  • A need for smarter machines to analyze and correct their behavior on the performance as the machine is operating.
  • An environment of hyper-automation that is driving changes in the overall shop floor where the machines are being used and interconnected to drive a maximum effective throughput through the factories. 
  • An ever-increasing landscape of fierce global competition.

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Rahul Garg is the Vice President for Industrial Machinery & SMB Program, responsible for defining and delivering key strategic initiatives and solutions and global business development. He and his team are responsible for identifying key initiatives and developing solutions for the industry while working closely with industry leading customers and providing thought leadership on new and emerging issues faced by the machinery industry. Rahul’s experience and insight are derived from 25 year career delivering software-based solutions for product engineering and manufacturing innovation for the global manufacturing industry, spanning a career in R&D to program management, sales and P&L management and having focused exclusively on the industrial machinery and heavy equipment industry since 2007.

Frans Adamowicz – Solutions Consultant at Siemens Digital Industries Software, delivers key strategic initiatives solutions and global business development, with a 33-year career in providing software-based solutions for product engineering and manufacturing innovation. He has held leadership positions in multiple functional areas, including sales and services management, country and industry marketing management.

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