Valiant TMS Leverages Siemens Tecnomatix Software for Simulation and Validation of Digital Production Lines [VIDEO]

By Kelly Gallagher

In the world of full-service automation system integration, where global teams collaborate diligently to engineer intricate solutions, the importance of effective collaboration and complexity management cannot be overstated. Companies like Valiant TMS understand this challenge fully.  

Valiant TMS is not just any full-service automation system integrator, they are pioneers in their field. Their mission revolves around planning, building, and executing automated production lines, with a special focus on industries including commercial automotive and heavy manufacturing. Valiant TMS uses Process Simulate in the Tecnomatix® portfolio of digital manufacturing software to simulate and validate their digital production lines.  

Most recently, the full-service system integrator leader began integrating Siemens Process Simulate Collaborate into their workflow, a 3D simulation collaboration tool that extends Process Simulate studies into the cloud to boost productivity and improve decision-making.  

Hear from Michael Schaubmayr, Group Manager of Mechanical Engineering Simulation with Valiant TMS, and his discovery of Process Simulate Collaborate and the value it drives. Explore how the business harnesses the power of Process Simulate Collaborate to improve communication and collaboration on Process Simulate-authored studies as they continue to plan, build and execute the next generation of automated production lines.

Whenever the Process Simulate study is finished, we needed to share the outcome with different consumers. Process Simulate Collaborate is a perfect tool to share the simulation output in an easy and efficient way.”

Michael Schaubmayr, Group Manager Mechanical Engineering Simulation, Valiant TMS

Unveiling the global challenge: complexity management 

Automation in industries like automotive and heavy manufacturing is not merely about creating well-run machines; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of technology, engineering, and global collaboration. The Valiant TMS workforce spans the globe, requiring seamless coordination across borders and time zones and herein lies the challenge – complexity management. 

Valiant TMS uses Siemens Process Simulate throughout the lifecycle of their digital twin. They start with simulation and progress towards offline programming and virtual commissioning, meticulously building the complete digital twin model. This includes everything from integrating point clouds to detailed robot programming with logic behavior. 

Complexity management becomes a critical challenge as the production landscape becomes increasingly flexible. This complexity isn’t confined to engineering alone; it extends to the documentation process for the simulation studies as well. Valiant TMS recognized the need for efficient documentation and collaboration tools, especially when dealing with the simulation outcomes of Process Simulate studies. 

Identifying the need for cloud-based simulation collaboration 

Traditionally, Valiant TMS spent nearly 20% of its time on simulation documentation tasks. This is why Schaubmayr emphasizes the need for an efficient method of collaboration on Process Simulate studies. Instead of sharing rich information of the Process Simulate study, engineers can spend hours or even days re-creating PowerPoints or movies of the latest study for feedback where the input is collected through disconnected means, such as emails or ad-hoc meetings. 

In fact, we use almost 20% of our time for these documentation tasks. And by using Process Simulate Collaborate, we hope to help bring this to a minimum,” says Schaubmayr.

Schaubmayr highlights how, after completing a Process Simulate study, Valiant TMS needed a streamlined way to share the simulation study outcome with various stakeholders and end users. Otherwise, they resorted to non-collaborative and manual ways of collecting input and applying changes on a study. Process Simulate Collaborate emerged as the perfect tool for this task, offering an easy and efficient means of sharing and collaborating on simulation results. 

The next generation of automated production lines

Valiant TMS is committed to embracing new technologies which showcases their dedication to staying at the forefront of industrial automation. Siemens Process Simulate Collaborate is not just a tool for them; it’s a catalyst for transformation, driving efficiency, and fostering collaboration. Michael Schaubmayr’s story is not just a success story; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and adaptability in the world of automation. 

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